Аноним asked:

Hello, ferreadomina. I am obsessed with obsidian now I want you to write black obsidian properties. Thank you!!

greetings, black-obsidian-obsessed anon~

thank you for asking and sorry for the waiting. here you go:

Black Obsidian



-The Root Chakra;

-Tarot - “The Hermit” IX

-Planet - Saturn;

-Zodiac Sign - Capricorn


- develops humbleness;

- destroys doubts;

- supports inner calmness;

- helps in making right decisions;

- balance all emotions;

- aids in surviving through tough times;

- attracts the power of Earth in one’s physical body;

- banishes negative intentions;

- openes one’s weaknesses;

- keeps away from committing sins;

- because of its’ volcanic origin, it gives power to accept changes;

- heals cough and colds;

- affects digestive system;

- normalizes blood pressure;

- but can worsen kidneys’ work;

- gives will to live; empowers physical endurance and self confidence;

- acts as a mirror letting see what is real and what is not;

- lead through lies and illusions to real situations;

- brings concentration